Al-Kindi Center for Research and Development is a fast-growing academic publisher, providing impact, recognition and value for the global academic community. We work closely with researchers, librarians and partners worldwide to produce academic journals, books and conference series. Our aim is to to promote open scholarly research to the world and provide a network for expanding the spirit of literacy in academia.

Delivering impact, recognition and value
At Al-Kindi Center for Research and Development (KCRD), we want everything we do to add value to the work of the scientific community. This means that we work closely with the community to anticipate and respond to changes in the way researchers use and share information. Important to this work is how measuring impact, return on investment, international collaboration and cross-disciplinary teams affect scientific research. KCRD provides a range of services to help the scientific community register, validate, edit, disseminate, preserve and maximise the discoverability and authority of their research. 
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